Walker Continues Anti-Democratic Assault on Voters

Like a moth to a bright light, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is using the non-story about a Milwaukee County assistant DA with a history of questionable priorities on voter rights issues to make his tiresome case that Voter ID is a good idea.

Walker fired off a typically deceptive campaign press release (as if he has any other kind), calling for Voter ID after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a story about the continuing whining of Milwaukee County employee Bruce Landgraf’s harping that trumped up allegations of voter fraud aren’t being pursued aggressively enough by the City of Milwaukee police chief.

Walker is the same guy who repeatedly tried to rig the election in 2004 by underprinting the number of ballots needed for Milwaukee County residents in – surprise, surprise – the city of Milwaukee, where Republicans voters are outnumbered.

Walker’s brazen anti-democratic partisan ploy not only ignored that in the September 2004 primary there were ballot shortages, but he also attempted to give city of Milwaukee wards less ballots than they had in the 2000 campaign – for an election in which voter turnout was expected to be even higher than it was during the Bush-Gore election.

Keep in mind that Landgraf is the same ADA who flat out refused to investigate in 2008 the suspicious absentee ballot mailings One Wisconsin Now pointed out could have disenfranchised countless voters in Democratic-leaning districts, claiming he didn’t have jurisdiction for mailings sent into Milwaukee County because neither the Republican Party of Wisconsin or the John McCain for President campaign, which sent them, was located in Milwaukee County.

After the latest story about Landgraf’s gripe, in jumps Walker, whose opposition to full voter participation is well-known.

Wisconsin has the second-highest voter turnout in the nation in presidential elections and Walker attempted to disenfranchise voters by having not enough ballots available for city of Milwaukee residents simply because they don’t vote for Republican candidates to the amount he would like.

It’s repugnant voter disenfranchisement tactics right out of Jim Crow. As is Voter ID.

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