Walker email count omits 18,000 from One WI Now supporters

Add this to the numbers swirling around emails sent to Governor Walker about his controversial “budget repair” bill.

Not included in the count of Walker’s email were the messages One Wisconsin Now supporters sent to the Wisconsin state legislature opposing Walker’s assault on worker’s rights. All in all, 22,064 people signed our petition aginst the so-called budget repair bill, and 18,260 of those signatures came from Wisconsin residents.

Walker has claimed emails in favor of the bill were far outpacing those against, but an analysis by the Associated Press shows that Walker referenced his email support just after it tipped in his favor; his assertion of overwhelming support just isn’t true. It’s no wonder Walker didn’t mention the emails sooner, — it took a little while for the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity to churn their AstroTurf machine to give Walker the illusion of support when facing the 100,000 protestors outside his office window.


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