Walker fails

Headlining the local section of today’€™s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a story basically about how Scott Walker is so horrible at his job as Milwaukee Co. Executive that the state of Wisconsin is going to take over aid programs in the county.

Read the consequences of Walker’€™s inaptitude here (bottom of the article).Walker called Wisconsin’€™s new plan to provide nutrition, child care, and medical assistance to the less fortunate ‘€œthe worst of all scenarios’€ and blamed the economy for his own failure. Health Services Sec. Karen Timberlake refuted him, saying:

The state “has in fact expended millions of additional dollars and thousands of hours of staff resources to assist your county over a period of years’€¦ Despite these efforts, Milwaukee County’s performance fails national and state standards and is failing the people of the county.”

For more dialogue, read “Walker: Tosa Ranger,” Episode #96—The Takeover.

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