Walker Having Corporations Finance His Taxpayer-Financed Campaign Tour?

Even I have trouble believing this one and in my mind there is no bottom to Scott Walker’s unending tolerance for hypocrisy, opportunism and sleaze.

Milwaukee’s County Executive is threatening 310 immediate union layoffs for Milwaukee County workers.

He’s starved vital government services to make political points with the ultra-right Republican base.

And he continues to claim “I don’t raise taxes” while hiking fees for public services, such as those for infants using public wading pools.

With all of the woes befalling Milwaukee due to the failed national economy of his brother-in-incompetence George W. Bush, Walker is also using taxpayer dollars to ride around hundres and thousands of miles to television markets around the state to assist his gubernatorial campaign.

Not so fast, Walker tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

According to Walker, Milwaukee taxpayers, who have footed the bill before his politically-timed previous tours, including one around his last ill-fated gubernatorial campaign, won’t pick up the tab for this tour.

It’ll be AirTrans Airways. And ChooseMilwaukee.com. AirTrans is a corporation and ChooseMilwaukee.com is run by the Milwaukee chamber of commerce — which when it’s not opposing the will of the 70 percent of Milwaukeeans who voted for paid sick days, represents Milwaukee corporations.

Let’s not kid ourselves for one moment: This is a campaign tour. In the past, Walker had his campaign staff organize the tour and conduct outreach, despite claims it’s “county business.”

Wisconsin campaign finance laws are bright and shining — corporations are forbidden from making contributions to political campaigns. So how can Walker have a corporation finance this tour?

It’s almost as unseemly as having Milwaukee taxpayers finance this campaign tour.

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