Walker hypes jobs program he wanted dead

In the vein of his conservative, anti-government anything attitude, Scott Walker tried to veto $100,000 of the funding for a county parks jobs program put forth in a 2009 budget. Thankfully, the Milwaukee County Board overrode his veto.So you might have been scratching your head if you attended an outdoor ceremony last Friday when Walker was actually hyping the public jobs program he once tried to kill.

But you probably scratched even more if you called about getting one of the $8.92-an-hour jobs he said was available when the person at the other end of the line told you that they stopped accepting application two weeks earlier.

You know, I actually feel bad for the heads of Milwaukeeans who already had plenty of head-scratching to do over whether or not Walker was going to accept federal stimulus dollars.

For the sake of the good people of Milwaukee’€™s heads, I hope Walker stops his conservative, anti-government antics and just accepts the simple fact that in these times more than ever people are looking to the public sector for opportunities.

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