Walker lies.

No amount of spin can get Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker out of the glaring lie he included in a fundraising letter sent out as a 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate.As expected, Walker spends most of the letter calling for a return to those conservative economic principles that brought on the economic collapse, but in one glaring instance he just flat out lies about Doyle’€™s budget. On page three of the letter, Walker writes:

“Governor Doyle’€™s budget’€¦ cuts state aid for District Attorneys, yet not a single state employee will lose their job or be placed on furlough to help balance the budget.”

The fact is, every legislative office will see furloughs or pay cuts and every state employees is facing furloughs of 16 days without being allowed to collect unemployment.

Instead of spending valuable Milwaukee tax dollars on a taxpayer financed six day campaign swing around Wisconsin, Scott Walker might want to apologize for lying to everyone who received this provably and unquestionably false beg for campaign cash.

Not to mention, it was Scott Walker who just this week was shown to be lying about size of the projected Milwaukee County shortfall he was using to justify attacking county union workers and threaten cuts to critical public services. Walker claimed the deficit would be $15 million, while on planet Earth, a report showed the shortfall was $650,000.

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