Walker promises more private pools

Good news, Wisconsin taxpayers. There are more swimming pools in your future. Look for one in a backyard near you — but not at the park. Campaign press release:

Scott Walker, Milwaukee County executive and Republican candidate for governor, told a crowd of over 125 at Sheraton Hotel this weekend that as governor he would keep his promise to spend taxpayer money as if it were my own,…

Walker spent a chunk of his own money on a private swimming pool at his suburban home, while taking a 72% pay raise from the taxpayers. But the public pool in Wauwatosa, where he lives,  was closed in 2003 after Walker became county executive. WUWM radio reported:

In Wauwatosa, weeds snake up through cracks in the empty pool at Hoyt Park. The landscape is a stark contrast to the days when thousands of swimmers made Hoyt the most popular pool in Milwaukee County.

It’s all part of Walker’s focus on budget-cutting at the expense of quality of life services county government can provide. A private group has been working to raise the money to reopen Hoyt.

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