Walker recycles gimmick AND failed economic policies

The latest development in the ‘€˜Brown Bag’€™ gimmick has emerged (again) as it has become clear that Scott Walker’€™s economic plan (bailing out corporations and the already-wealthy) isn’€™t the thing he’€™s willing to recycle.

From Cory Liebmann’€™s original story:

An anonymous Republican advised me that this new gimmick includes a direct mail component that is a total knock off on a 1998 Republican campaign. In fact, I am told that the Walker brown bag thing includes a mailing from SCM and Associates, a direct mail firm based on the east coast. This same firm did a very similar “brown bag” campaign’€¦ in 1998 for U.S. Senator George Voinovich. It even included a brown bag accompanied by a letter from the candidate’s spouse, bragging about his “thrift”. Again, almost from beginning to end, the Walker gimmick follows the exact same template.

The AP put the story out last night but our state’€™s largest newspapers didn’€™t run it this morning, so here’€™s more from that story:

Liberal critics say copying the same fundraising tactic shows Walker is bereft of original ideas.

“Looks like he’s not only recycling failed Republican economic policies that benefit the rich and bankers, he’s recycling the ways to sell them,” said Scot Ross, director of the left-wing advocacy group One Wisconsin Now.
While Walker has talked a lot about being thrifty, paying for the services of SCM isn’t cheap. Last year, Walker’s campaign paid the firm more than $336,000, according to campaign finance records.

Cory, Capper, and Zach have interesting points to add.


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