Walker Stunt Costs Thousands

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is allegedly “Open For Business,” and he wants to be absolutely sure that everyone knows it.

According to email conversations obtained by One Wisconsin Now between the Bureau of Highway Maintenance and Joe Fadness, Walker transition team member, Walker spent at least $1,725 of taxpayer money just to make those useless “Open For Business” plaques on signs greeting visitors to the state at our borders.

The contract calls for 23 of these small plaques, at $75 each, with the intention of attaching them to 22 of Wisconsin’s entry point signs. The email also indicates Team Walker was willing to increase the cost in order to get the signs delivered within a week.

You can read the emails here: http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/blog/Walker%20Signs%20Email.pdf

The purpose of this stunt was to let the Governor illustrate the full extent to which he is in the hands of Big Business.

These plaques were put on display in Wisconsin before Gov. Walker attacked the rights of 175,000 workers to please the Koch Brothers, and before Walker will likely sign a total of $2.3 billion in tax breaks for corporations and the rich, to the delight of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

And let’s not forget what he’s doing to the middle class to pay for these corporate tax breaks: $1.6 billion less for public education, 70,000 gone from health care coverage, as many as 1 million with higher health care costs, $250 million slashed from the University of Wisconsin and $71 million nabbed from the Wisconsin Technical College System. But he’ll raise taxes on the working poor – at a cost of $70 million.

Gov. Walker’s Wisconsin is not only “open for big business,” but serving his corporate masters seems to have been his only aspiration from the start.

Gov. Walker is taking money out of the hands of working families and giving it to big business. The recall elections against six of Walker’s allies are an indication of how some people in Wisconsin feel about Gov. Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin families.

That’s the real sign of the times.

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