Walker: Walking and Talking in McCain’s Footsteps at Bucyrus

What is it with Bucyrus in Milwaukee that attracts the worst of the worst on the right? It was only a short time ago that epic failure of a candidate John McCain visited the plant to tell us all ‘€œthe fundamentals of the economy are strong.’€ That worked out well.

Now Scott Walker, literally and figuratively following in McCain’€™s footsteps, gave his ‘€œState of the County’€ speech Monday night at the same Bucyrus International plant. Given the implosion of the economy brought on by conservatives like Bush, McCain, and McCain right-hand-economic-man Phil Gramm, one would think Walker might want to distance himself from the failed policies of the Bush years and the McCain campaign. Think again. Walker trotted out the same old conservative talking points about ‘€œtax-cuts,’€ firmly toeing the Bush line.

‘€œHistory shows that tax cuts lead to prosperity,’€ Walker said. What history is that? The last eight years, when Bush handed out billions to the wealthy and corporations while the economy went to garbage? Tax cuts for the rich in a time of war? Walker must be getting the official Bush Administration History Revision report. What about the history of the Great Depression and the New Deal which proved beyond any doubt that the type of stimulus Obama’€™s pushing, that is government spending and infrastructure construction, will work?Continuing his distortion and just plain ignorance for reality, Walker called on the state to sped $3.2 billion of the $3.5 billion we’€™re expected to get on suspending the sales tax. How much would that save the average Wisconsinite? $600 according to state and federal studies. Is Walker serious? He’€™d rather squander that money on tax cuts rather than on creating jobs? Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. Give a Wisconsinite a $600 tax cut, and they can maybe pay the rent for a month, or heat their house for two months’€”that is of course, unless their foreclosed on because they don’€™t have a job. Give a Wisconsinite a job, and they can make a steady paycheck for a lifetime, pumping hundreds of thousands of dollar into the state economy. This is a no-brainer.

Walker’€™s other brilliant idea? Give folks a rebate on county property tax.  When the righties got a hold of the tax cut numbers in the federal stimulus plan, they were UP IN ARMS because, they claimed, that it would only give the average American 13 bucks a week. Drudge even had a flashing siren graphic to let all the troglodytes on the right know to be outraged. Walker’€™s ‘€œstimulus’€ plan would provide the average Milwaukee County resident with a whopping’€¦.$12.53 per week. All righty blogger trolls are welcome to forward their frothing outrage at this paltry sum to own@onewisconsinnow.org We’€™ll be glad to post it.

Walkers ideas are dead in the water. The conservative ideology of all tax cuts, all the time has been proven wrong. Now, Walker dares to suggest we should waste our federal stimulus money on more failed ideas. The picture in the Journal Sentinel says it all; Walker is dead set on digging Milwaukee County’€™s grave. 

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