Walker will not be stimulated

Yesterday the Journal Sentinel ran a whole story about Milwaukee County Exec. Scott Walker saying theenks but no theenks to any federal economic stimulus money that could come the county’€™s way.

In the midst the failing U.S. economy and the ‘€œ$300 million in backlogged repairs for parks, annual shortfalls of up to $43 million in transit and some $300 million needed to rebuild mental health complex’€ facing Milwaukee, Walker reassured concerned citizens saying, ‘€œI’€™m not asking for any new’€¦ things to be done here.’€ Rest easy Milwaukee County; no new things will be done.

Justifying his bold new No New Things Plan in yesterday’€™s story, Walker invoked the axiom of all conservative axioms: ‘€œThe last thing you want to do is put money in hands of government.’€ Worry not though, because while yesterday it was the last thing you would want to do, in today’€™s Journal Walker ‘€œhedged a bit’€ and said he might take money for ‘€œa worthy project that wouldn’t cripple the county financially.’€

Bold Scott. Very bold. Milwaukee Co. is lucky to be under the guidance of an executive that needs to be prodded to maybe consider a project that is both worthy and financially practical.

Despite the conservative economic philosophy having been proven terribly, terribly, terribly terrible for working Americans, Walker says eff it and continues to stick to the Georgewbushian economic gameplan he has been sticking to in Milwaukee County for the last 6 years: cut taxes for the wealthy, cut spending on programs for poor, working families, and starve infrastructure.

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