Walker’s public option on swimming pools is apparently to have the public pay for his private pooL…

Since first elected County Executive in 2002, Walker has repeatedly closed or threatened to close pools all across the county, citing their high cost to maintain and ignoring their benefit to their communities. (MJS 9/19/03, MJS 6/18/06, MJS 9/29/06, MJS 10/5/09)

So it struck me as funny that in 2007 Walker and his family moved in a new home with his own private pool, while refusing to pay for the repairs needed at his community’€™s pool so it could be reopened (Hoyt Pool in Wauwatosa).

His high salary, paid for by the taxpayers, is paying for his private pool, but in turn he’€™s refusing to use those same tax dollars for pools the entire public can enjoy?

Topping it off, he took a 72% pay raise in 2008, presumably to help pay the mortgage on that nice private pool of his, just as the recession was forcing millions of Americans out of their homes.

You can take a look at Walker’s very nice home and pool right here:


Walker’s new budget for 2010 continues his ongoing attempt to rid the county of community pools:

Milwaukee County supervisors on Tuesday balked at County Executive Scott Walker’s plans for pool closings and eventually privatizing operation of the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Walker’s 2010 budget plan seeks closure of indoor pools at Noyes and Pulaski parks and shutting down outdoor pools at Holler, Jackson, Kosciusko (Pelican Cove) and Washington parks…Supervisors questioned those closures after several residents objected.

“We paid taxes all these years, now it’s our time to go swimming in the pools,” retiree Dixie Williamson told the County Board’s finance committee. “What are you going to do when you get older?”

She and others said retirees, low-income residents and people with physical disabilities rely on the indoor pools for exercise. (MJS 10/6/09)

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