Was Rick Wiley behind ‘Rick Perry Gay?’

Former director of WISGOP Rick Wiley recently joined Mark Neumann’s campaign for governor.

Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she’s leaving the US Senate to run for governor of Texas against secessionist-GOPer incumbent Rick Perry.

Ah what a small world we live in.

See, Rick Wiley left his post with the Hutchison campaign to join Neumann’s. Seems innocent enough right? Wiley said his doctor suggested a “less stressful environment” while he deals with some health issues — and let me be the first to wish him a speedy recovery. But I had to wonder, what was so stressful about Texas?

Looks like there might be an answer.

Turns out the recently-launched Hutchison gubernatorial campaign website was loaded with thousands of hidden phrases and keywords designed to drive traffic to the campaign website from search engines. Now, using relevant key words hidden in your website’s source code isn’t illegal. The appropriate use of said keywords is an ongoing debate among web developers world wide. But that’s not the issue here.

No, the issue here is the Hutchison campaign use of ‘rick perry gay’ as keywords. In fact, they used the phrase twice. Say what you want about the secession-minded governor — but he’s married to his high school sweetheart Anita, and, at least as far as I can gather, not gay.

That raises several questions: what was the Hutchison campaign trying to pull with the use of those phrases? Who green-lighted the use of the words on the site? How dirty is the Hutchison campagin planning on getting in Texas? And does the newly-transplanted Wiley plan on bringing those good ol’ Texas values to the Wisconsin GOP primary?

Whether or not Wiley was behind ‘Rick Perry Gay’ we may never know. But just in case Wiley gets any ideas: Scott Walker is married to Tonnette. The only question one could raise there is whether or not she gets infections. Yet another mystery that remains yet unanswered.






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