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Keep an eye on the the One Wisconsin Now Town Hall blog for news and information and interesting tidbits from today’s budget marathon debate in the state Assembly.

So far, Assembly Republicans have spent their time without a budget plan, tilting against windmills in some desperate attempt to convince the media and the people of Wisconsin that increasing income taxes on the top 1 percent of our most fortunate income earners (those individuals making more than $225,000 a year and couples making more than $300,000) somehow hurts the rest of us.
Budgets are about priorities and we’ll see whether the Republicans dig in their heels and oppose a tough, but common sense budget that tackles the historic $6.6 billion budget deficit caused by the failed Bush economy, or if they instead put politics and their wealthy special interests like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commmerce and the people be damned.

So if you’re wondering what’s motivating some of those many, many amendments Assembly Republicans have been spending our time and tax dollars having prepared today, keep tuned in to the One Wisconsin Now Town Hall Blog.

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