Wausau Area Talk Radio Squawker and Assembly Candidate Pat Snyder Stages His Own Empty Chair Routine

Last Minute "Scheduling Conflict" Results in Forum No-Show

MADISON, Wis. — Wausau area radio host and State Assembly candidate Pat Snyder staged his own “empty chair” routine Tuesday night in Wausau, skipping a candidate forum hosted by the American Association of University Women of Wausau. According to media reports, Snyder dropped out just hours before the event was scheduled to take place citing a “scheduling conflict”

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Apparently the Republican National Convention is not the only place for embarrassing empty chair routines.”

Before becoming a candidate for the 85th Assembly District, Snyder was the longtime host of a local talk radio program, offering his opinions on local, state and national political affairs. Snyder’s resume also features a citation for drunken driving after crashing his motorcycle after a night of drinking at an area “gentleman’s club”.

Ross commented, “Snyder was always quick to offer an ill-informed opinion and pontificate on public policy from the safety of a radio program. But when faced with having to have to defend his views before an unscreened audience, he staged his own embarrassing empty chair routine.”

He concluded, “Snyder either doesn’t have the courage to defend his views or the brains to manage his schedule.”

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