Wauwatosa alder launching voting restriction effort

Two simple truths about voting in the U.S.: one, there is no evidence of wide-scale voter fraud; two, voter ID would disenfranchise eligible voters. But that’€™s not going to stop a Wauwatosa alder from organizing a petition drive to require voter IDs in order to vote. From Wauwatosa Now:

After her proposal for a voter ID referendum was shot down by the Common Council, Alderwoman Jacqueline Jay is organizing a petition drive to get the measure on the city ballot.

In July, Jay brought up the idea of holding an advisory referendum on whether voters should show their IDs at the polls, and the city attorney drafted a question to pose to voters. But the council, on a tie vote broken by Mayor Jill Didier, decided not to take any action on the issue.

One Wisconsin Now has time and again spoken in support of ensuring better access to the polls and spoken out against voter ID requirements that have been shown to disenfranchise eligible voters under the pseudonym of voter fraud prevention. Wide-scale voter fraud simply does not exist.

In May of last year, Manitowoc County Clerk Jamie Aulik responded critically to State Sen. Joe Leibham’€™s (R-Sheboygan) call for voter ID by saying, ‘€œWe should be encouraging more people to vote, not discouraging them’€¦ ‘€œEncouraging people to vote and reducing human error, that is an excellent formula to have successful and fair elections.’€

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