WCCF Shows Recovery Act’s $2 Billion in Direct Benefits

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families has put together detailed information about the more than $2 billion Recovery Act funding that counties in Wisconsin received to start digging us out of the hole created by the failed economic policies of the Republican Congress and George W. Bush.

Check out the county data here.

WCCF also shows the overall benefit in funding received by the state under the Recovery Act, which includes:

1. The new Making Work Pay tax credit for workers ‘€“ $852 million

2. Additional weeks of jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed ‘€“ $599 million

3. An additional $25 per week of jobless benefits ‘€“ $261 million

4. A one-time ‘€œEconomic Recovery Payment’€ to many elderly people, veterans and people with disabilities ‘€“ $254 million

5. Increased FoodShare benefits ‘€“ $111 million.

Despite cries from conservative partisans more interested in legislative majorities than putting America back to work, this data shows the Recovery Act put resources in many instances, where they were needed the most.

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