We’re Looking for Work’ Town Meeting this Friday

Here at OWN we got the following listing for an event for folks who have unfortunately lost their jobs in these tough times. Please pass the word around to your friends and neighbors who are looking for some support!

You can register for the event by calling Buzz Davis at 608-873-4886 or register online at http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/page/event/detail/townhall/wrby


Have you or a friend been laid-off, downsized, or part-timed and now you’€™re looking for work?

The Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans has organized a third town meeting for workers who have lost their jobs, been part-timed or are underemployed.  Workers and their partners living in Stoughton, southern Dane, northern Rock counties or other communities are invited to attend.

This free town meeting begins with a meal for families.  The event brings together workers and their partners in a friendly environment to learn about health care resources, job search resources, and stretching your budget in hard times.  Registration is free.  Call early!

To register call (608) 873-2612 — or register online at http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/page/event/detail/townhall/wrby

Persons at the last meeting, May 5th, said they are most interested in learning how to stay in their home or apartment.  Thus the May 29th meeting will provide this workshop:

‘€œFighting to Stay in Your Home or Apartment During Hard Times’€

Part I:      Developing a Family Budget to Help You Negotiate with Your Banker or Landlord

Part II:    Foreclosure & Eviction Law — When & Where to Seek Legal
Advice & How to Re-negotiate Rent Payments

Part III:   Federal Mortgage Adjustment Programs & How to Re-negotiate
Mortgage Payments

Part IV:   Might ‘€œHouse Sharing’€ Be a Partial Solution for You?

We ask you to do these things:

1.      Call the above number.  Register now.  Tell them how many people will be joining you.  We invite you, your partner and any children you may wish to bring along.  We will not be providing sitter services but some families bring small children and that is fine. Some bring their older children.  That is good because it helps them
to understand the situation your family is in and they see that many
other families are in the same situation.

2.       Call, invite and bring along any relatives, friends or former
co-workers who have been laid off.  Invite their partners also.  Ask
them to call the registration number or you call it for them with
their names and telephone numbers, address, etc.

3.      If you attended one of the first two meetings, please bring
your three-ring resource manual to the meeting.

The town meeting is sponsored by the Stoughton Job Networking and
Family Support Group and the Stoughton Chapter of the WI Alliance of
Retired Americans and is co-sponsored by the Stoughton Area Resource
Team, Inc. (START), American Federation of Teachers-WI, Unity Church
of Madison, AFT-WI Retirees Chapter and other organizations

Lastly, with regard to the meeting topic avoiding foreclosure or
eviction, it is regretful but many workers presently unemployed may be
unemployed for 6 months or longer during this recession/depression.
It is critical that your family avoid foreclosure/eviction.  There are
now programs to help you avoid these situations but, like everything
else these days, the issues are complex and you have to study the
issues.  So please register today (the line is 24/7) and together we
will learn about how we can keep our families in our homes during
these most difficult times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Organizing
Committee member Buzz Davis at 608-873-4886.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you and your family Friday,
May 29th at the Stoughton high school. 600 Lincoln Ave., at 4:50 PM!

# # #

As A Project Of A Better Wisconsin Together, We're Fighting For A Wisconsin With Equal Economic Opportunity For All