What the voters thought of Louis Butler — and why

The Obama administration is going to renominate Louis Butler for appointment as a federal judge. The Senate returned the nomination to the White House, along with several others, when it recessed at Christmas.

A GOP flack offers this negative comment on Butler:

“Voters across the state decided not to elect him to continue serving on the Supreme Court because they thought he was a radical judge who was legislating from the bench,” Kristin Ruesch, communications director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said.

More likely, voters narrowly decided against electing him because they falsely believed that Butler had found a loophole to spring from prison a sex offender who then went on to molest another child.

They thought that because Butler’s opponent, Michael Gableman, ran a television commercial to make them think that.

Gableman’s now an Injustice on the State Supreme Court.

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