When will T-Wall join the rest of us and start paying taxes?

Nine out of ten times isnt just a coincidence; its a pattern of behavior.

And nine out of the last ten years, silver-spoon fed real estate developer Terrence Wall paid no state income tax. Because one of Madisons wealthiest business men didnt make any money in the last ten years. Right.

When T-Walls income tax doge was first revealed, we only new about the last five years, and T-Wall chalked up his non-existent tax payments to the down economy. But that certainly doesnt explain his lack of tax payments over the last 10 years. T-Wall tried to explain it away by claiming he paid his fair share in business taxes, but we havent uncovered any proof of that, nor has T-Wall provided any.

T-Walls income tax avoidance is just part of the story. Back in 2009, One Wisconsin Now exposed the first of T-Walls loophole, a pumpkin patch in the middle of Middleton. Once worth over $2 million, T-Wall threw a few pumpkin seeds down and got the lot re-classified as agriculture with a current appraised worth of just $600. T-Walls total tax savings through the pumpkin patch loophole? Over $34,000. On top of that, T-Wall has at least 16 businesses based in Delaware, a notorious tax haven for corporations looking to avoid paying their fair share in taxes (h/t Blogging Blue).

Like so many of his conservative colleagues, the rhetoric and reality just dont match up for T-Wall. From his campaign website: There is simply too much spending, too many taxes and not nearly enough common sense solutions to the problems everyday Wisconsinites face. Hes doing his darndest to convince everyday Wisconsinites that hes just like us. The reality is everyday Wisconsinites dont have an army of lawyers and accountants to cook the books for us. Nor do we have a seemingly unlimited number of LLCs to hide our income, cash in on corporate tax loopholes and otherwise avoid paying our fair share.

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