Where’s the Outrage Journal Sentinel?

Exactly one year ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thundered with rage at Linda Clifford.

The Supreme Court candidate had the temerity to use the name of the might Journal Communications newspaper’s name in an autocall going to potential supporters that referenced, well, the Journal Sentinel’s endorsement of her.

In virtually the last seconds of the race, the Journal Sentinel’s coverage of this “infraction” included two big news articles, a condemning editorial and a “cease and desist” letter from the corporate media giant’s team of well-priced lawyers.

Fast forward to Friday. The JS got word that the conservative smear machine Coalition for America’s Families was doing also employing the Journal Sentinel’s name in a robo-call — this time in order to help conservative parrot Mike Gableman.

Aside from a late afternoon blog post, the previously loquacious and litigious bosses at the Journal Sentinel have had nothing to say.

No articles in the newspaper.

No critical editorials.

No announced cease and desist letters.

I emailed Journal Sentinel honchos Marty Kaiser and George Stanley about this over the weekend, but my reasonably-worded inquiry has been ignored.

It begs the questions: Why the different handling of two nearly identical situations?

Guess we’ll have to draw our own conclusions why the media conglomerate which features almost exclusively rabid conservative voices has different rules for conservative and non-conservative causes and candidates.

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