Constituents Rally to Tell Sen. Ron Johnson to #DoYourJob

Activists and Community Members Rallied in Oshkosh Today to Tell U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to Do His Job

The unprecedented partisan political power play by Sen. Johnson and the Republican leadership in Washington D.C. in refusing to give a fair hearing and timely vote to Judge Merrick Garland has now stretched for over 150 days.

Since 1916 no U.S. Supreme Court nominee has had to wait more than 125 days from their nomination to their confirmation vote. Since the 1980s, every person appointed to the Supreme Court has been given a prompt hearing and vote within 100 days and 17 Supreme Court justices have been confirmed during an election year.

“Our federal courts, that protect the rights of all Americans, are part of what makes our nation great. It’d be nice if Sen. Ron Johnson did his job so our courts could do theirs.”

The Supreme Court is not the only part of the federal judiciary left shorthanded due to Sen. Johnson and his allies’ obstructionism. The Seventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, that covers Wisconsin has been without its full complement of judges for nearly 2,400 days. The nominee to fill the vacancy was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support.

The rally occurred outside Sen. Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh Office at 219 in Oshkosh, WI 54901.

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