Who Gets the Progressive Vote for Sunday’s Super Bowl?

(Note: So yinz know, this guy’s from dahn nere in Pittsburgh, n’nat.)

With so much going on at the national and state levels, one question progressives may still be asking themselves: Do I support the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals in Sunday’s Super Bowl?


Pittsburgh owner Dan Rooney endorsed now-President Barack Obama and hosted a rally with thousands of cheering fans at which time Obama received the requisite “Obama 08” numbered jersey.

Last week he gave President Obama the game ball from the AFC Championship. He’s also the author of the National Football League’s Rooney Rule, which requires National Football League to interview minority candidates for head coaching jobs as they open.

Oh yeah, and Steeler coach Mike Tomlin did his last full sit-down interview before the game on Keith Olbermann’s Thursday night.

On the other hand, Arizona owners Bill and Michael Bidwill were identified as “prominent [John] McCain supporters.” Packer fans, that would be the same John McCain who said this when asked: “When you think of Pittsburgh, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?”

The Bidwill’s also gave $4,800 each to the Republican Party of Wisconsin on July 1, 2008 — a total of almost ten grand.

This would be the Republican Party of Wisconsin which along with the McCain campaign last fall mailed out to voters a suspicious absentee ballot application with faulty information that would likely have disenfranchised the voter.

Make up your own mind.

But go Steelers, anyway.

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