Why Do the No-Budget GOPers Get to Complain Now?

The legislative Republicans said it as early as 2008 — the state budget is the Democrats’ problem. Assembly Minority Leader Jeff Fitzgerald said it. He was quoted saying it.

“I don’t have to solve that problem,” he said. “Obviously, that’s the Democrats’ problem.”

At no point during the last six months did Fitzgerald nor his more shrill older brother, Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald offer a budget plan that closes the state’s $6.6 billion budget deficit — caused by the failed economic policies George W. Bush.

Which made the Associated Press lede on the first day of conference committee action so curious. “Democrats refused to allow Republicans to propose any changes to the state budget during the hastily called first meeting Wednesday of a bipartisan committee created to work out a deal,” read AP’s lede.

Sorry, but who gives two pokes about what the GOPers say? If they put together anything other than phantom complaints or if they hadn’t said the budget was the Democrats’ problem, they might get some sympathy.

But they didn’t. So why do their gripes get covered now?

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