Why Would Former Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s Wealthy Patron Donate $15,000 to Robin Vos’s Wisconsin Political Operation?

Questions Continue to Mount About Robin Vos Relationship With Rosenberger Amid FBI Investigation

MADISON, Wis. — Reporting on an Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) inquiry of Cliff Rosenberger, who until his recent abrupt resignation served as Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, continues to reveal connections to Wisconsin’s Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. The latest link is a $15,000 check to Vos’ Wisconsin political operation, the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee (RACC), from a wealthy Ohio Republican who helped subsidize a lavish lifestyle for Rosenberger.

“How is it a wealthy heir from Ohio who reportedly lavished Cliff Rosenberg with luxury accommodations, sponsored his jet-setting travel and fueled his political ambitions came to write a $15,000 check to Robin Vos’s political operation in Wisconsin?” asked One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne. “It’s yet another question for Vos to answer about his entanglement in these sordid affairs.”

Ohio media reports that the FBI is investigating Rosenberger’s activities and cited his access to a luxury condominium in which he resided when in the Ohio capitol city and jet setting travel to international destinations as spiking the interest of federal investigators. Among those helping subsidize Rosenberger’s lifestyle and ambitions was wealthy Ohio Republican mega-donor Ginni Ragan.

According to Wisconsin campaign finance records, Ragan contributed $15,000 to the Vos controlled RACC on October 21, 2016.

Previously reported as being under scrutiny by federal authorities is a free European vacation sponsored by a conservative political group and underwritten with contributions from payday lenders. Vos accompanied Rosenberger making a stop in Iceland before joining an intimate group of legislators and two lobbyists for the parent company of a payday lender with operations around the country, including Wisconsin, in London. No expense was spared on the trip during which the group stayed in five star accomodations and attended exclusive events.

Shortly after the revelations of the FBI scrutiny of Rosenberger surfaced, the politically ambitious Vos passed on a run for Paul Ryan’s Congressional seat, despite there being no other top tier Republican in the race.

Browne concluded, “Robin Vos has curtailed his ample political ambition in light of these revelations. It’s time for him to come clean about why.”

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