WI Environment debunks false claims by WPRI

Here’€™s an excerpt from Wisconsin Environment’€™s report:

the WPRI report fails to acknowledge the many obvious economic and other benefits that would result from a broad effort to repower Wisconsin with clean energy.

Among the long list of benefits (apparently) not considered in the analysis are the following:

  1. Avoided costs of electricity generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure resulting from reduced energy demand or the incorporation of on-site renewable generation.
  2. Increased income for Wisconsin farmers resulting from increased use of biofuels and the potential to lease lands for wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy development.
  3. Health benefits (including reductions in absenteeism, early mortality and possibly health care costs) from avoided fossil fuel-related pollution, including reductions in pollutants that form smog and soot, and mercury deposition in waterways.
  4. Avoided economic impacts of global warming in Wisconsin, including predicted changes that threaten to reduce the productivity of agriculture, increase the possibility of dangerous floods, shift the composition of Wisconsin forests, affect the winter recreation industry, and more.
  5. Reductions in the risk to individuals, businesses and government posed by sudden shifts in fossil fuel prices.
  6. Energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy both have hedging value as insurance against sudden spikes in fossil fuel costs.’

Doyle also critiqued the report, saying ‘€œAnybody who doesn’€™t think this creates jobs is simply not looking around.’€ Doyle’€™s Office of Energy Independence released a study saying the legislation would create 15,000 jobs by 2025.

This is far from the first time OWN has noted WPRI’€™s propensity for twisting the truth to suit the interests of their monied special interest and corporate friends.

And yet the University of Wisconsin-Madison poli sci department doesn’€™t believe their joint polling effort with WPRI doesn’€™t help advance a conservative legislative agenda?

You can visit Wisconsin Environment’€™s report in the report section at www.WisconsinEnvironment.org.

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