WI Poll: 86 Percent Want Government Help to Provide Universal, High Quality Health Care

A graphic in a front-page story in Monday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel including a stunner of a question from the most recent UW Badger Poll, which may give pause to elected officials who put health insurance gangsters ahead of the people.

The question: “How responsible should the federal government be in making sure that all residents of Wisconsin have access to both high quality and affordable health care?”The results: 86 percent of Wisconsinites polled want the government involved to protect our interests over the destructive machine of the health insurance industry.

The breakdown: 20 percent say “Extremely”; 26% say “Quite”; 28 percent say “Somewhat” and 12 percent say “Slightly”.

So much for the teabaggers and other partisans who need the President to fail to allow them back into power.

One last note: Unlike the first poll from the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute-UW’s Right Wing Polling Propaganda Project, they asked about public attitudes about government involvement in health insurance reform.

Considering the right wing that funds WPRI would in no way support a project that promoted the mainstream value that we need a form of public option to break the stranglehold the health insurance industry has on American health care, the Badger Poll results are even more proof positive that the UW-WPRI Right Wing Propaganda Polling Project should be taken with a grain of salt the size of health insurance profits over the past quarter century.

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