Wildly Extreme and Terribly Out of Touch

Despite his awful record in the U.S. Senate, John McCain is trying to convince women that he is an advocate for the issues that matter to them most. This of course is patently absurd with even the slightest look at his actual votes. When John McCain had a chance to show his support in April, he skipped out on the vote on the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It would have restored workers’€™ ability to pursue pay discrimination claims in the courts and provided greater protection for women receiving unfair wages. McCain has since explained that he was opposed to the act, saying that women simply needed ‘€œeducation and training.’€ In addition, John McCain is so extreme on women’€™s health and family planning issues, that he earned a ZERO PERCENT rating from Planned Parenthood.

Not only does John McCain have a problem on the issues, but he apparently has a problem with the company that he keeps. McCain planned to attend a fundraiser today hosted by Texas oilman Clayton Williams. This is the same man that made one of most disgusting comments against women in American political history. When he was running for governor in 1990, Williams compared rape to bad weather saying, ‘€œAs long as it’€™s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.’€ It wasn’€™t until reporters inquired about McCain’€™s pick to host the fundraiser that he decided to cancel the event at Williams’€™ home.

John McCain is trying to appeal to women, hoping that they will not look at his record or his actions. Although he has tried to present himself as a ‘€œmoderate’€ or ‘€œmaverick,’€ when it comes to issues that are important to women, John McCain has proven himself to be wildly extreme and terribly out of touch.

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