Will Clarke whitewash over Walkers mismanagement of mental health center?

Unless theres a murder, dont expect Walker and his staff to care about the doctors, nurses and patients at the mental health complex.

After reports of repeated sexual assaults, we now learn that for months Walker and his administration ignored a doctors concerns about safety at the county mental health complex after multiple patients carried in weapons.

But its Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke, not Walker, who is finally investigating the problem.

One has to wonder, however, whether Clarke is actually going to pin any responsibility on Walker and his administration over failed leadership and chronic defunding of the Behavioral Health Division, or even fully scrutinize the performance of the budget busting rent-a-cops that Walker pushed for in his zeal to eliminate county jobs, given Clarkes past swallowing of Walkers House of Correction scandals.

Are we going to see Clarke taking over the mental health complex, or will they attempt to pass the center off to the state, like so many other social programs? And if so, whats going to happen to these programs if Walker gets elected governor? Scandals and mismanagement redux? Attempts to pass management of the programs off to the federal government? Or back to the county government? Without Doyle to blame, whos Walker going to pass the buck to?

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