Will Frequent Flyer Scott Walker Get Bumped from Trip with Veep on Air Force 2

Scott Walker Abused State Plane to Rehab Image After Presidential Campaign Failed to Take Off

MADISON, Wis. — When Vice President Mike Pence jets to Wisconsin today on Air Force 2 to raise campaign cash, he’ll be greeted at the airport by frequent flyer Gov. Scott Walker. With Walker’s political future experiencing turbulence after after One Wisconsin Now’s report last week detailing Walker’s misuse and abuse of the state plane, Executive Director Scot Ross said a plane photo-op would probably create more baggage for the 25-year career politician.

“We expect our politicians to take fully, upright positions,” said Ross. “But the plane truth is, Scott Walker will say, do and spend anything to win an election. It will be up to Wisconsin voters to decide if Scott Walker’s abuse of the state plane is terminal for his 25-year political career.”

An investigation of Walker’s misuse and abuse of state airplanes by One Wisconsin Now recently revealed the Governor took an astounding 869 flights between September 21, 2015 when he ended his run for president and April 2018, flying on average every three days and racking up over 114,000 miles in the air at a net cost to taxpayers of over $818,000.

Ross noted if Walker is invited to take a ride on Air Force 2, that it would not even need to be a long flight for Walker, as he has used state of Wisconsin airplanes to fly for ridiculously short distances. These incomprehensible flights include forcing taxpayers to finance plane trips of 24 miles from Appleton to Green Bay, 24 miles from Kenosha to Milwaukee, 30 miles from Madison to Watertown and 34 miles from Madison to Baraboo.

The details of Walker’s state funded fly arounds are available to the public at onewi.org/ScottWalkerAIR.

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