Will J.B. Face a Challenge at the Polls?

J.B. Van Hollen’€™s frivolous lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board, could disenfranchise up to 1 million legitimate voters in November. Much of that could happen because of very minor discrepancies such as a middle initial, clerical error or an old address appearing on a driver’€™s license. Even four of the six judges that make up the GAB board found that their own personal information did not totally match.

To drive the point home even more, Michael Horne blogging at Milwaukee World, checked voting records to see if J.B. Van Hollen himself could fall victim to his own partisan mischief. Horne finds some of the following:

…I don’t think he’d pass his own test. JOHN BYRON VANHOLLEN is the same guy as JOHN B VAN HOLLEN, who once lived at 816 Chalfont Drive, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, when he served as United States Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin. But a search of “J. B. Van Hollen” (with or without the space) would not turn up his name in the state register of voters, even though he uses the initials and the space as his legal designation in court documents and when he ran for election, and in his official biography in the Wisconsin Blue Book’€¦

And, once you find out his first name is John, things don’t get much better, since when he was registered in Sun Prairie on November 5th, 2002, he went by JOHN B VAN HOLLEN, [no middle name, and a space between “Van” and “Hollen”]’€¦ Oh, by the way, it appears that Van Hollen registered at the polls, since he also voted on November 5th, 2002, on the spot, according to records. Apparently Van Hollen likes the convenience of registering at the polls — I wonder what sort of ID he had to produce when he registered in Waunakee on September 14th, 2004 — also an election day! That’s when he signed up as JOHN BYRON VANHOLLEN — adding a middle name, and merging his two last names into one. How perfect is that?

I wonder if someone will put him on a list and challenge his right to vote at the polls?

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