Will Newt Worry about Whether Tonette Walker Gets Infections?

Since Scott Walker is proudly bringing serial hypocrite and philandering staff seducer Newt Gingrich to Wisconsin to hold a fundraiser tonight for his gubernatorial campaign, one can reasonably assume Walker doesn’€™t have a problem with the controversies, scandals, darkness and downright evil in Newt’€™s muppet-thoated past.

There was the whole thing where ‘€œfamily values’€ Newt visited his first of three wives in the hospital while she recovered from a third cancer surgery, only to pressure her into finalizing their divorce.Then there was Newt’€™s status as a deadbeat dad, where his family had to be rescued by the local church because Newt’€™s refusal to pay child support left his family with utilities in jeopardy of being shut off ‘€“ only prevented by Newt being hauled to court to fulfill his family obligation.

This wouldn’€™t be Newt’€™s first or last woman problem. The thrice-married Newt was a known adulterer, even cheating on his second wife with his eventual third wife, a congressional staffer, while he thundered about the need to impeach President Bill Clinton over the Lewinsky matter.

Not one to let his morality gap widen only through hypocrisy and adultery, Newt was also forced to pay $300,000 for using a tax-exempt organization for political electoral purposes after the House voted to formally reprimand him.

And then there was this notorious beauty, offered up in the year after he was elected Speaker of the House, when discussing the role of women in the military:

‘€œIf combat means living in a ditch, females have biological problems staying in a ditch for 30 days because they get infections, and they don’t have upper-body strength. I mean, some do, but they’€™re relatively rare.’€

Hopefully, if Tonette Walker, Scott’€™s wife, is in attendance, she won’€™t have any ‘€œinfections’€ which could affect Newt’€™s ability to fully deliver whatever error-filled, right wing diatribe from 1995 Newt is trying to repackage as the new talking points for the conservative movement.

And let’€™s all pray neither do any of the other women in attendance unfortunate enough to weakly shake Newt’€™s doughy, uncalloused paw hampered by their lack of upper-body strength.

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