Will Paul Ryan Ever Be Asked About His Record?

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan, our state’s most reliable Bush lap dog and in whose failed policies are the foundation, walls and roof of our global economic collapse, continues to complain about President Obama’s budget.

This is an alarming 2009 trend. President Obama announces steps to clean up the Bush-GOP economic disaster and Ryan dashes to the camera to denounce it.

It remains to be seen how long Ryan will continue to get a complete free pass.In this instance, “free pass” means the fact Ryan voted for eight straight Bush budgets that hiked spending $1.7 to $2.8 trillion, supported an orgy of tax cuts for the rich and corporations paid for by the middle class and was the deciding vote to pass the $8 trillion unfunded Medicare Part D giveaway to Big Pharma and Insurance.

Without historic parallel, Ryan and his ilk pumped fortune onto the clients of the Washington wing-tipped. They more than supported Tom Delay’s corruption and politically benefitted from the election victories borne by his malfeasance — in Ryan’s case, even reinforced his belief in Delay’s leadership by donating cash to Delay’s legal defense fund.

To remind:

Paul Ryan and his pals sent our children, our mothers, our fathers and our friends to die on a total goddamned lie in Iraq.

Ryan and his pals used our nation’s collective grief over 9/11 to achieve partisan goals and make us less free and less safe.

Ryan and his pals raided our treasury to help the Bernie Madoff’s of the world while our eroded and neglected infrastructure allowed a simple storm like Katrina to destroy an American city.

Ryan and his pals put monied interests ahead of the needs of Americans in every, single, conceivable way. Over and over again.

The incontrovertable fact is that Paul Ryan and the Republicans who ran the White House and Congress were allowed to do every single thing they wanted for nearly eight years.

The economic collapse, the failure of our Iraq and Afghanistan policies, the sacrifice of brave soldiers, the uncertainty of America’s place in the world.

Accountability for these immeasurable sins must be laid at the doorstep of those responsible.

Paul Ryan’s action are not the only problem. But they are certainly part of it. As are those who continue to give him a complete and utter free ride in the media.

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