Will they TEA Party like its 2009?

The big business TEA Party is set for April 15, 2010 at the Capitol. And while were hard at work preparing our mobile billboard to send pro-working class American messages to the tea folk, heres a little trip down memory lane at last years TEA Party at the Capitol.The racist, fear-based, and hate-filled signs that have come to define the TEA Party signs were on full display:

But you know, then there were the signs that the left probably wouldnt disagree too much with, but unfortunately, you wont hear the TEA Party corporatists talk too much about:

See, apparently this TEA partier agrees with President Obama, who, through the American Recovery Act gave tax cuts to 95% of working Americans.

And here we have a pro-choice TEA partier perhaps? Probably not. But stillKeep your laws off my body!

I dont see why not.

Look folks, Freedom Is Not Free. Neither are roads, bridges, and public schools.

And who can disagree with these TEA partiers and why do they look so familiar?

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