Will Walker Attend Koch Fest This Weekend?

Twice a year, the Koch brothers plan a secretive, high profile meeting between the most conservative of political actors and sympathetic non-profit organizations, and wealthy donors willing to further their cause.

This wonderful time of year is upon us again. Charles and David Koch are organizing a political “seminar” for this weekend in Vail, Colorado. The Koch brothers held their last retreat in Palm Springs in January, and it received a lot of media scrutiny at the time thanks to their financing of the Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity. This weekend’s meeting has so far managed to fly stealthily under the radar. In fact, had it not been for Governor McDonnell of Virginia publishing his schedule, we might never have know what the Koch brothers had planned for this weekend.

The guest lists for their previous seminars have included people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Knowing the caliber of conservative political figures that will surely be in Colorado, and knowing that when the Koch brothers’ call, Gov. Scott Walker answers the phone, it begs the question as to whether he will be attending the retreat with his conservative pals in Vail over the weekend.

Gov. Walker is scheduled to sign his controversial budget bill that eviscerates the middle class by cutting funding to education and healthcare, and raises taxes on the working poor and seniors by $70 million, in Green Bay this Sunday. Walker’s bill also makes taxpayers foot the bill for losses of companies that operate in Wisconsin but also have entities in other states, such as Koch, which operates the Green Bay area’s Georgia Pacific.

So, it begs the question of whether Gov. Walker will join this opportunity to rub shoulders with his fellow corporate sell-outs and Koch-fiends? Let’s hope not. Gov. Walker should let us know immediately of his travel plans. Wisconsin doesn’t need any more of the Koch brothers’ “help” where our politicians are concerned.

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