Will WI ‘Right to Life’ Thank Governor Doyle for Abortion Rate Drop?

With news out the other day the number of abortions being performed in Wisconsin has fallen to 30-year lows, the anti-choicers did everything they could to credit themselves as opposed to the person most responsible: Governor Jim Doyle.

Gov. Doyle has made increasing access to health care among his top priorities since his election in 2002. He has made good on that promise, despite opposition from all the right wing electeds supported by the state’s anti-choice movement, most notably Wisconsin Right to Life and the Unmellow Yellow to WRTL’s Mountain Dew of the lunatic right, Pro-Life Wisconsin (aka “the menstruation kills babies” types).The reason the number of abortions have dropped is because more people in Wisconsin have access to health care and contraception than they did before. Simple. End of story.

WRTL’s ridiculous press release (picked up by AP) claims it’s because of the closure of two women’s health clinics.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason the number of abortions have fallen is because when people have access to affordable health care and contraception, the instance of abortion falls.

Unsurprisingly, the so-called pro-lifers have ignored Gov. Doyle’s central role.

Why? Because saying good things about Gov. Doyle won’t raise them money from the conservative GOP partisans who use anti-choice extremism to further their partisan political agenda.

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