Wisconsin Fast Food Workers Rally for Higher Wages, Better Workplace Conditions

Career Politician Gov. Walker Previously Attacked Workplace Rights, Dismissed Calls for Higher Minimum Wage as “Political Stunt”

MADISON, Wis. — Fast food workers across the country, including in Milwaukee, Madison and Wausau, today engaged in direct actions and rallies for higher wages and the right to bargain for better working conditions. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross applauded the workers effort and noted that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s opposition to a higher minimum wage and actions like stripping workers of their rights have left the state lagging the Midwest on jobs and wage growth.

“Fast food workers across the country are standing up for themselves, and for better wages and working conditions. They’re just asking that instead of poverty wages and no benefits, their hard work is rewarded with fair pay and respectful treatment in the workplace.”

Ross noted that in Wisconsin under Gov. Walker, the state has gone in the opposite direction. Among the first acts undertaken by Gov. Walker was a radical attack on the workplace rights of state and local employees like teachers and public safety workers. More recently, Gov. Walker has refused to pledge to veto more union busting legislation should it reach his desk.

In addition career politician Scott Walker, who has received over $1.5 million in salary and generous health care benefits for himself and his family, courtesy of taxpayers, earlier this year decried proposals to increase the state minimum wage as a “political stunt.”

The results of Walker’s “trickle down” economic agenda that strips workers of their rights and ignores the needs of low wage workers in favor of tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporations is a last in the Midwest ranking on jobs and income growth over his term.

“Workers across the country are standing up and demanding fair pay for their labor. They’re saying the Walker way doesn’t work. And based on the abysmal performance of the Wisconsin economy, they’re right,” concluded Ross.

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