WPRI: ‘Let’s Cut Funds for Kids, Not Health Insurance Companies’

The corporate shills at the right wing Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, which is headed by former GOP Gov. Scott McCallum’€™s top economic advisor George Lightbourn, has a typical corporate response to the skyrocketing costs inflicted on Americans by the profit-vacuums that comprise the health insurance industry: cut funds for the kids of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Knowing that Lightbourn’€™s most notable achievement is having served as a principle architect of the then-largest budget deficit in Wisconsin history, one would think that between that and WPRI’€™s pro-corporate agenda, the latest WPRI ‘€œreport’€ on Milwaukee Public Schools would raise more than a few skeptical eyebrows. (h/t Eye on Wisconsin)To those without the care of reading the full ‘€œreport,’€ we can break it down for you as such:

Health care costs for retirees in Milwaukee Public Schools are going to increase.

If it had any objectivity, or credibility, the nearly 30 page report might include a full discussion about the need to reduce health insurance costs by creating some competition (free market buzzword) for the health insurance industry.

But these are the corporate shills at WPRI, funded by the deep pockets of pro-corporate right wing cabal, and we all know the ways these organizations work. Have a conclusion and make the facts fit that pre-determined conclusion that reinforced the conservative agenda (See also: WISTAX).

Conservative, pro-corporate groups like WPRI and WISTAX have a ‘€œrace to the bottom’€ philosophy when it comes to public schools.

  • Slash as much funding as possible
  • Restrict the authority of teachers
  • Take away local control with ridiculous standardized tests that do little more than punish students and schools
  • Eliminate teachers’€™ unions

Unfortunately, at least one news outlet decided to engage the WPRI debate that it’€™s the teachers, the schools and ultimately, the students, who are to blame for health insurance industry greed.

But let’€™s not forget, as part of its WPRI-UW Right Wing Propaganda Polling Project along with UW prof Ken Goldstein, WPRI purposefully refused to ask a question about support for a public option for health care in its last poll ‘€“ despite this being the seminal issue in the health insurance reform debate.

But, then again for WPRI and the corporate right wing, taking the heat of the health insurance companies is what this is all about, isn’€™t it?

Oh, and ensuring as much money as possible stays in the private, for-profit health insurance industry so the banksters and speculators can make money off of human suffering.

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