Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance Blames Gov. Walker’s Epic Jobs Failure on Wisconsin Citizens’ Age and Demeanor

Corporate Apologists Ignore Predictable Failure of Trickle Down Economics as Underlying Cause of State Jobs Fail

MADISON, Wis. — The latest report from conservative front group the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is more of an apology for Gov. Walker’s epic failure to spur new job creation in Wisconsin than an analysis of the reasons behind Wisconsin’s current rank as 42nd in the nation for job growth, according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. The report alleges that it is the fault of Wisconsin’s population for being too old and lacking an entrepreneurial demeanor.

“Gov. Scott Walker got everything he wanted over the last two years and the result has been complete failure,” said Ross. “Now, his allies at the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance are trying to change the subject and blame the age of Wisconsinites and their heritage for the latest example of trickle-down economics being a total failure.”

Ross said the Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance ignores Walker’s track record of trickle down economic failures “because that what conservative, corporate front groups like WISTAX do.”

A previous analysis of the political campaign donations of the WISTAX Board of Directors, available at WISTAXWatch.org, showed board members had donated over $1.3 million to political candidates and 93 percent of these contributions went to Republican or conservative candidates. The current board chair was a member of the board of directors of the state’s big business lobby Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce that lobbies state lawmakers for more tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy at the expense of investments in education and health care.

“Trying to pass off anecdotes about the demeanor of Wisconsin’s historical Northern European ethnicity as economic research would be laughable if it didn’t just happen,” said Ross. “There is no disputing that this is a politically conservative organization and their recent report’s willful omission of the historical record of failure of the economic policies pursued by the Walker administration is simply another manifestation of their political bias.”

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