Wisconsinites Tell Government Accountability Board: Count It and Call It

Gov. Walker, GOP's Latest Delay Tactics Nothing More Than Ploy to Keep Special Interest Cash Grab Going

While Gov. Walker and Republicans continue to seek delays in setting a recall election date – and keep raising unlimited campaign donations from wealthy mega-donors – One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne today urged the Government Accountability Board (GAB) to listen to the thousands of Wisconsin citizens who’ve signed an online petition asking them to “count it and call it”.

Browne commented, “It’s simple, once the GAB hits the threshold of valid signatures, elections should be called. Hundreds of thousands of signatures above and beyond what’s needed to trigger recalls were submitted, and no credible analysis by outside groups or the media has even hinted there’s any way there aren’t enough valid signatures.”

According to Browne, over forty-six hundred online activists have to date joined One Wisconsin Now’s call for the GAB to set recall election dates once they’ve verified the threshold number of valid signatures. Gov. Walker and his allies are pressuring the GAB to examine every single signature submitted, even though hundreds of thousands more than needed were gathered.

“At every turn, Gov. Walker and his allies have delayed and distracted in a transparent ploy so they can sell us out for unlimited campaign contributions. They’re looking to continue to reap the rewards of their one percent agenda that slashes taxes for the wealthy and corporations and balances the budget on our backs with cuts to education and health care,” commented Browne

An analysis by One Wisconsin Now of Gov. Walker’s last campaign finance report revealed he raised $2.5 million from individuals outside of Wisconsin, over 60% of his total haul. In his previous report, One Wisconsin Now showed Walker took half of his $5 million in contributions from outside of Wisconsin.

Browne concluded, “Gov. Walker’s and Lt. Gov Kleefisch’s own campaigns, by refusing to challenges any signatures, have admitted that recalls are inevitable. It’s time to stop their cross-country cash grab. It’s time to listen to the people of Wisconsin and count it and call it.”

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