Wisconsins Supreme Court is now officially up for sale

Fellow citizens ” did you hear the good news? The Wisconsin Supreme Court is up for sale! So come now, fellow peasants! Let us pool our unemployment checks and the couple extra dollars those of us lucky enough to have a job can afford and try to outbid Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and buy ourselves some justice! I heard Mike Gableman can be bought for mere millions.

In case you missed the news, WMC-purchased Justices Mike Gableman and Annette Ziegler once again ruled in favor of the WMC position ” this time that justices shouldnt have to remove themselves from ruling on a case involving a campaign contributor no matter how much that contributor spent to help elect said justice(s). Which now means the corporate titans at WMC can now point to Wisconsin Supreme Court precedent to spend obscene amounts of money on dirty and misleading campaign ads in support of judges that will rule in favor of corporations without a concern that justices will have to recuse.

Any reasonable person can see the glaring conflict of interest. And those who cant, I propose a simple task: show me one Wisconsin Supreme Court decision in which Justices Gableman and Ziegler ruled against WMC and the corporate interests they represent.

The lack of ethics of these two justices is stunning.

Then theres Justice David Prosser, mentor of disgraced former Speaker Scott Jensen (the Jentor, if you will). It seems Justice Prosser simply does not approve of criticism of his utter lack of judicial ethics. Prosser took issue with several blog posts by Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign in which McCabe skewered Prossers willingness to go to bat in defense of Jensen, and the last few minutes of the court proceedings turned into an angry tirade from the ethically-challenged Prosser ” more on this here.

Yesterdays ruling is just the latest proof the Wisconsin Supreme Court, thanks to the flood of money spent by WMC, has turned into a corporate interest group. The law of the land, it seems, is now determined by the corporate overlords at WMC.

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