With mud still on his face, JB throws in the towel (for now)

The news is so big that if this blog were the Drudge Report, the headline would be bold, italicized, underlined, AND capitalized: today, the John McCain for President Campaign co-chair (and Wisconsin Attorney General) JB Van Hollen dropped his partisan lawsuit against the GAB.For those who haven’€™t been in the loop on democracy lately, Van Hollen filed a suit last September against the GAB in an attempt to purge thousands of voters from the rolls. A judge through out the case. Then he appealed.

In today’s press release, Van Hollen writes that the decision to file suit against the GAB last September was a ‘€œdifficult’€ one, but the lawsuit is ‘€œno longer necessary’€ because the GAB is taking steps he seems content with.

Rather than thanking the GAB for trying to meet the unattainable standards of HAVA, the tone of Van Hollen’€™s release is one of disappointment that the GAB didn’€™t succumb sooner, writing ‘€œIt is unfortunate that today’€™s action didn’€™t happen months ago.’€ Like perhaps, before the election?

And though Van Hollen will say he is disappointed in the GAB for not following the law, it’€™s likely that Van Hollen is just disappointed he wasn’€™t able to steal any votes this time around and effectively failed as co-chair of McCain’€™s presidential campaign.

Inauguration Day is Tuesday.

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