With Walker, truth stranger than fiction

When I asked last week whether AirTran would get naming rights for the Scott Walker for Governor Harley ride, in return for its corporate sponsorship, I thought I was being facetious.

Sometimes a person’s imagination doesn’t stretch far enough. The Journal Sentinel reports:

For this year’s trip, AirTran will pick up the estimated $2,800 gas, hotel and meal tab. In exchange, the AirTran logo will be prominent on flags that can be mounted on participants’ motorcycles, signs on support vehicles and on the headscarves some cyclists wear.

And you know what? The odds are overwhelming that the Milwaukee County Ethics Board, which has always rubber-stamped whatever Walker did, will say that’s just fine.

This is my favorite part of the story, though:

He’ll strictly avoid any talk about the governor’s race or politics during the dozens of news interviews his staff has arranged for him on the trip, Walker said.

If there is one story that does not mention he’s running for governor, I’ll be anxious to see it.

What a load of crappity crap, crap, as that old poophead Charlie Sykes would say.

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