With Walkergate Scandal Growing, One Wisconsin Now Launches Walkergate.org

You've Got Questions? Check www.WalkergateFiles.com for Latest on Scandal Surrounding Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON, Wis. — The deepening scandal surrounding the administration of Gov. Scott Walker continues to generate new revelations and more unanswered questions. To help the public get a perspective on the depth and breadth of the scandal and to keep up with the latest developments, One Wisconsin Now today launched a new website, Walkergate.org.

Mike Browne, One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director commented, “If convictions for illegally laundering campaign contributions weren’t bad enough, the ongoing investigation continues to generate disturbing revelations and criminal charges – including allegations of Walker employees and associates embezzling funds from the widows and children of armed service members killed in the line of duty and maintaining a Nixonesque, secret campaign computer network in the Milwaukee County Executive’s office.”

While Gov. Walker crisscrosses the country pitching his right-wing, trickle down economic policies and grabbing unlimited campaign contributions, back at home, an ongoing “John Doe” investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has already resulted in:

  • The conviction of a major Walker campaign donor on two felony counts of laundering $30,000 in contributions;
  • Immunity deals in exchange for testimony for eleven individuals;
  • Multiple count criminal charges on allegations of embezzlement, illegal campaigning and child enticement against five former Walker aides and associates;
  • A raid of the home of the Department of Administration’s second in command by the FBI;
  • The arrest of a top Milwaukee area real estate broker for allegedly refusing to cooperate with prosectors; and
  • Indications that numerous close Walker associates, top former and current campaign aides, state and Milwaukee County government aides, and lobbyists have been interviewed by prosecutors in connection with the probe.

Browne concluded, “The public deserves to know what Gov. Walker and his cronies are alleged to have been up to on their dime. One Wisconsin Now’s site, Walkergate.org, will help get them that information and keep them up to date on the ongoing investigation and deepening scandal surrounding Gov. Walker and his administration.”

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