WMC to Members: (Don’t) Read the Fine Print

WMC has launched a (multi-)million dollar fundraising campaign to its members to finance continued issue-based smear campaigns against progressives who don’€™t kow-tow to WMC’€™s pro-corporate, anti-worker agenda.
We all know WMC has distorted the records of numerous public officials over the years, most notably in recent efforts to get the ethically-challenged Mike Gableman and Annette Ziegler onto the state’€™s highest court, as well as put the pampered JB Van Hollen into the state’€™s top cop slot. These moves were designed to create Supreme Court and Justice Department that lets business do whatever it wants and put to death any remaining consumer protections the people of Wisconsin still maintain.

Looks like they’€™re also willing to deceive their own members, too.

The solicitation they sent out, tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has a large ‘€œInvoice’€ heading on the top of the page, making it seem like a bill that needs to be paid. Only following the asterisk next to the fine print at the bottom of the page, is it revealed this is not a bill.

We’€™ve seen how WMC treats its enemies. Now we know how it treats its ‘€œfriends,’€ too.

The longer businesses allow WMC to speak for them, the longer this nonsense is going to continue and the longer Wisconsin and its entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders will suffer.


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