WMCs Newfound Love for Technicalities

Guess who is involved in yet another lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin? Why it is Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce of course! They have filed a lawsuit, along with other business interests, against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Apparently they want the DNR to suspend rulemaking on new pollution limits for power plants. They claim that they are not challenging the merit of the proposed rule. Instead their feathers are ruffled over what sounds like a very technical issue.

WMC claims that they were not given notice of the proposed rules before the start of the rulemaking process. Some might consider this to be using a legal ‘€œloophole’€ or a ‘€œtechnicality’€ just to undermine the new rule. Are they willing to rush off to court and sacrifice public health and the environment because of a ‘€œtechnicality’€?

That’€™s funny, for some reason I thought they were against legal ‘€œtechnicalities’€ and ‘€œloopholes’€. In any case, someone should call WMC and tell them to stand up for the environment and public health – not technicalities! Heck, if someone had the cash, they could even run a scary ad about it.

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