WTMJ’s Savage Banned from Entering Britain

The pride of the Journal Communications radio syndication line-up, Michael Savage, has been officially banned from entering Britain.

Reported in the Huffington Post, Savage is on a list of people unable to go into the country for his fostering of hatred and extremism.Among Savage’s company on the list includes Rev. Fred Phelps, screamer of hateful, homophobic epithets at the funerals of troops killed in Iraq.

None of this has stopped WTMJ from continuing to run Savage, whose show is the intellectual equivalent of smearing feces on a heroin-needled bus station bathroom floor and then making poo angles by laying in it and flailing ones arms and legs. Face down.

Savage was also prominently featured in One Wisconsin Now’s FCC video: “The Sounds of Consolidation.”

One wonders what one has to say on WTMJ radio to get the boot. Oh wait, something that’s not stark-raving right wing lunacy — that’s the way to not be on WTMJ radio.

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