You Be The Judge: Is Rebecca Bradley Telling the Truth About Her ‘Political Inclinations’?

Latest Revelation Finds Bradley Failed to Disclose Membership in Republican Lawyers Organization on Applications for Judgeships

MADISON, Wis. — When seeking judicial appointments from Gov. Scott Walker, right wing Federalist Society lawyer Rebecca Bradley was asked in her written application if she, “ever held a position or played a role in a … partisan political campaign, committee, or organization.” Her answer was no, despite it having been widely reported that she was a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

“Once again we find Rebecca Bradley playing fast and loose when it comes to answering questions about her involvement in partisan politics,“ said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “This time, when asked if she had ever played a role in a partisan political organization she said no, despite her affiliation with just such a group being widely reported.”

According to multiple media reports providing information about Bradley’s background, she maintained a membership in the Republican National Lawyers Association. The group explicitly has as a goal to provide direct support partisan activity saying in their mission statement that, “It responds to requests for assistance from the Republican Party and its candidates …” and the “RNLA further builds the Republican Party goals and ideals through a nationwide network of supportive lawyers who understand and directly support Republican policy, agendas and candidates.”

Ross noted that Bradley’s judicial applications are not the only instances uncovered to date in which she has misled when questioned on her partisanship. In an interview on UpFront with Mike Gousha broadcast October 25, she claimed, “When I became a judge I set aside all of my political inclinations and that was in the past.” But state campaign records show she both personally donated to the Republican Party of Milwaukee County while a judge and, based on video of the event, just hours after her interview was featured at a Milwaukee County Republican Party event.

He concluded, “The evidence is clear and overwhelming, Rebecca Bradley is a right-wing partisan, intimately involved with Gov. Walker’s political machine and working to advance a Republican Party agenda. The question that Bradley needs to answer is, why does she keep trying to mislead on her political inclinations?”

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