You’re fired. Ha ha, just kidding, says Walker

Dropping to new lows of complete and utter disdain and abuse of workers, on Monday Walker told a radio DJ that the layoff notices mailed to Milwaukee County workers were just a “political ploy” to force the Supervisors to approve cuts to rectify a budget deficit created by the idiocy and mismanagement of yet another Walker appointee.

With the holidays coming up, county unemployment levels hovering at 10%, and an ‘€œeconomic development’€ plan that’s too little too late, you’€™d think Walker might get a little more creative than sending pink slips to 180 workers and adding to the unemployment rolls. But that would require more compassion and ingenuity than Walker apparently has.

Adding insult to injury, Walker hasn’€™t sent a pink slip to the moron who created the $3.6 million budget deficit that resulted in the layoffs Walker’s heartless political gamesmanship. Apparently he gets to stay while workers who didn’€™t massively screw up get the can.

More here and here about Walker and John Chianelli’s screw-ups and ineptitude.

Awesome leadership. Awesome.

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