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  • Scott Walker Official Pressed on Mental Health

    A Democratic state senator pressed Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s top health official last week to support hiking Medicaid reimbursement rates for mental health providers in the state. The testy exchange in a...

    Appleton Post-Crescent, 04/06/2017
  • Gov. Walker Budget Increases Funding for Mental Health Services for Children

    Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget marks the biggest push in four years to funnel more state dollars into youth mental health programs. In addition to $6 million for school initiatives, the budget...

    Appleton Post-Crescent, 02/16/2017
  • Ideas to Curb Teen Suicide Gain Support

    State lawmakers said they want to screen more children for mental illness and expand mental health clinics in schools following a USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin series. A spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker said...

    Appleton Post-Crescent, 08/05/2016
  • Pace of Mental Health Reform Slows to Crawl

    Walker has signed one law addressing youth mental health, with plans to sign just one more, but he didn’t say there was more legislation he wanted to see on the subject. “That’s...

    Appleton Post-Crescent, 03/22/2016
  • Scott Walker’s Record on Health Care

    When it comes to Wisconsinites’ health and wellbeing, Gov. Scott Walker knows what should come first - his own political ambitions!

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/08/2015
  • Where There’s a WILL, There’s a Way… to Promote Gov. Walker’s Best Interests

    For the years in which Federal IRS records are available for both the Bradley Foundation and WILL, 2011 and 2012, Bradley funds accounted for over 90 percent of the total money WILL reported raising.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/11/2014
  • Campaign Aides Again Directing Response to County Issues, This Time Walker Mismanagement of County Mental Health Complex

    Walker’s county and campaign staffs collaborated in determining how to respond to one issue after another — sexual assaults of patients at the complex, security lapses, controversial remarks by Milwaukee County’s mental...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/26/2014
  • Walker, Again, Personally Directing Response to Controversy

    “We need to continue to keep me out of the story as this is a process issue and not a policy matter,” Walker wrote on March 27, 2010. The issue at that...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/26/2014
  • Walker’s Campaign and County Aides Coordinated Response to Outrageous Remarks of His Appointed Administrator of County Behavioral Health Division

    John Chianelli, then administrator of the county’s Behavioral Health Division, was quoted telling county supervisors that sexual assaults in mixed-gender wards were a trade-off for more violent assaults that would happen in...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/26/2014
  • Walker’s Gubernatorial Campaign Manager Directs Top Walker County Aide to Try to Suppress Open Records

    Gilkes told Rindfleisch to prod a county lawyer — then-Deputy Corporation Counsel Timothy Schoewe — to take a tougher stance. “Just do me a favor and tell him that we are getting...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/26/2014
  • Top Walker Aide Makes Light of County Mismanagement of Mental Health Services, “No One Care About Crazy People”

    Rindfleisch was sarcastic about the Mental Health Complex issue in a Sept. 2, 2010, email to a friend. “Last week was a nightmare,” she wrote. “A bad story every day on our...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/26/2014
  • Emails Show Walker Campaign Manager Successfully Delayed Milwaukee County Settlement With Parents of Woman Who Starved to Death at Walker Overseen County Mental Health Complex

    Instructions from Scott Walker’s campaign manager were explicit: Delay settlement of a long-standing legal case over the starvation-relateddeath of Cindy Anczak at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex. “Could care less what...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/26/2014
  • Walker Campaign Manager Directs Firing of County Aide to Take the Fall for Mismanagement of Mental Health Services Under Walker

    After Chianelli was demoted for his handling of sexual assaults at the complex, Gilkes wrote to Walker’s staff about the need to fire him: “I think we throw John under the bus...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/20/2014
  • Wisconsin Ensnared in $83 Million National Propaganda and Privatization Web Spun by Radical Right-Wing Funders

    A new report from One Wisconsin Now exposes a web of right-wing funders advancing a radical privatization agenda through the use of Wisconsin-based front groups.

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/13/2013
  • #WalkerAt20: Failure Foreshadowed, The Walker Administration in Milwaukee County

    MADISON, Wis. — In his twenty years in office, Scott Walker has amassed a truly astounding record of failure. To commemorate the looming anniversary of his first election to office, One Wisconsin...

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/23/2013
  • #WalkerAt20: Failing Democracy

    The rights of voters to participate in free and fair elections, and have confidence that their vote will be counted is fundamental to our democracy. No one has failed them more than Gov. Walker.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/09/2013
  • Gov. Walker’s Mental Health Funding Announcement Belies Disastrous Record

    One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements in response to Gov. Walker’s announcement on mental health funding in his 2013-15 budget proposal: “To call Scott Walker’s record on...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/05/2013
  • How Far Does Walker Open Records Slowdown Go?

    MADISON, Wis. — A report that Gov. Walker’s gubernatorial campaign manager directed his Milwaukee County staff to “drag out” fulfilling requests under the state open records law for information related to a...

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/20/2012
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Gov. Walker, Republican Legislature’s ‘War on Working Wisconsin’

    MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the desperate actions by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature to use the government to...

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/09/2011
  • Walker Concocts ‘Scoop and Toss’ Borrowing Scheme to Pay for $140 Million in Special Interest Spending

    Madison— Republican Gov. Scott Walker plans to pay for $140 million in new special interest spending signed into law in January by extending the state’s long term debt in a “scoop and...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/10/2011
  • Another Day, Another Bernier Broken Jobs Promise

    MADISON, Wis. — After abruptly announcing her inability to “fairly represent” taxpayers and planned resignation as Chippewa County Clerk due to her election to the State Assembly, Rep. Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls)...

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/09/2011
  • Walker’s ‘Special Interest Session’ Tab: $140 Million and Counting

    Despite the state’s $3.3 billion deficit, Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled state legislature have added over $140 million in new special interest spending to that tab.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/27/2011
  • Private Health Savings Accounts: Don’t Create Jobs, Hike Deficit

    MADISON, Wis. — The Republican plan to give a tax break to high deductible private health savings accounts would increase the deficit $48 million in the next two years, create no jobs...

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/10/2011
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Walker Complaint Smokescreen

    MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s ridiculous smokescreen complaint, intended to divert attention from the numerous ongoing investigations...

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/10/2010
  • Scott Walker’s Mental Health Complex Cover Up

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker admitted in a newspaper story today he was unaware of a comprehensive report on the tragedies at the Milwaukee County mental health complex –...

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/28/2010
  • Questions for Walker to Answer at Tonight’s Debate

    One Wisconsin Now offered the following questions for County Executive Walker to answer about his tax cut plan for the rich and big business.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/23/2010
  • One Wisconsin Now Files Lawsuit Against Juneau County DA Southworth for Withholding Open Records

    A One Wisconsin Now lawsuit, being filed in Juneau County Circuit Court Tuesday, alleges Scott Southworth intentionally withheld political email communication.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/06/2010
  • When Will Walker Take Responsibility for Mental Health Center Mismanagement?

    MADISON, Wis. — A public interest advocacy group is calling on Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker Monday to take responsibility for his “tragic mismanagement of the county’s Mental Health Complex,” saying Walker...

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/22/2010
  • Walker’s Latest Gimmick: Cut 29,000 Jobs; Slash Worker Pay 42 Percent

    Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker refuses to detail how he will pay for his nearly $2 billion in tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the rich and big business.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/14/2010
  • New Ad Shows How Milwaukee County Taxpayers Left Holding Bag for Walker’s Mismanagement

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s failed leadership and the disastrous outcome is the subject of an online video produced by One Wisconsin Now as part of its “Scott Walker...

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/31/2010
  • Latest Sexual Assault Revelation Highlights Disastrous Cost of Walker Mental Health Center Mismanagement, Privatization

    Walker’s mismanagement of the County Mental Health Complex is under even more scrutiny after tragic reports of yet another patient sexual assault.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/20/2010
  • Walker Ad Fact Check Shows Exaggerations, Falsehoods Throughout

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s latest campaign ad is riddled with falsehoods, distortions and half-truths about his disastrous record for Milwaukee County, according to a fact check of the...

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/17/2010
  • One Wisconsin Now Launches ‘Scott Walker Failure Files’ Timeline

    MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s eight years of failed leadership are highlighted in an interactive timeline documenting his misdeeds, mismanagement and incompetence created by One Wisconsin Now and available...

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/12/2010
  • Advocates Warn Walker County Plan Ending Mental Health Day Treatment Likely Leads to Relapses and Greater Hospitalizations

    “After nearly 15 years helping patients discharged from Milwaukee County’s Mental Health Complex cope with life in the community, occupational therapist Kari Held faces an uncertain future and coping issues of her...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/08/2009
  • Van Hollen Plays Politics With Flip-Flop on Domestic Partner Protections

    “The Legislature or the governing body of a political subdivision or local governmental unit is not precluded from authorizing or requiring that a right or benefit traditionally associated with marriage be extended...

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/20/2009
  • Health Care Tops OWN 2nd Annual Progressive Issues Survey at Fighting Bob Fest

    MILWAUKEE — Health care was again the top issue on the minds of Fighting Bob Fest participants in the One Wisconsin Now Progressive Issues Survey taken at the Sunday event in Baraboo....

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/08/2008